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About Us

Sweet Teens is owned by Tronya, an educator, who loves to shop. She came up with the name Sweet Teens because she has a teenager. She tells the story of how the teenage years can be difficult, but they can have their sweet moments. She wanted to remind herself that the sweet moments outweigh the more challenging moments of raising a teenager. 

Tronya loves to shop and started noticing that in her closet she would have a lot of bottoms (skirts, pants, shorts), but no shirts that would match them. She ended up with a lot of clothes with nothing to wear with it, so she decided to start a store that would make it easy for individuals to pair their clothes by having sets or one pieces that would not require a top or bottom or to provide bottoms or tops that would match something that is already in your closet. 

Here at Sweet Teens we strive to make our customers happy by providing you with the styles that will make you look fabulous and unique. We work directly with manufactures to ensure you get the best quality clothes and prices possible. We hope you enjoy wearing our styles to add to your closet. Fashion forward!